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trash holograms blog


7/14/15 03:21 pm - Aguascalientes & Zacatecas

This was an amazing trip.

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6/24/15 09:30 am - Regrets

This facebook post... keep in mind, Topiz.

5/19/15 07:52 pm - Time travel

These two days have been some of the weirdest I've ever had. Yesterday I was sedated and the upper part of my body was opened with knifes.

This time illusion feeling from the sedation to opening my eyes six hours later, weirded the hell out of me. So different than sleeping and yet so dense and unreal. Part of me was feeling that I never woke up from sedation.

4/26/15 03:05 pm - Myself in 2D

Having friends drawing a napkin portrait of you is very life revealing. It got me realizing that the way they see me, is completely out of synch of my own self-image.

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I guess I like stripes. Even though I only own one striped tee.

6/28/14 05:31 pm - clouds journal

These past few days have been apocalyptically cloudy.


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And this is the result (not a river):

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